CIGRE Grid of the Future™ Symposium

Cleveland, Ohio

October 22-25, 2017

The grid of the future is taking shape now, and POWER Engineers is ready to help lead the way.

POWER is pleased to be a sponsor of this CIGRE event, which provides participants the opportunity to network with peers in the generation, transmission, distribution, markets, and smart grid technologies industries. The event also offers a variety of seminars and workshops in addition to educational speakers and tutorial sessions.

Several of our experts will present during the conference:

  • Buck Fife and Steven Walker, “A Framework for Sustainable Design of Overhead Transmission Lines”
  • Rob Schaerer, “Physical and Electrical Effects to Nearby Facilities When Applying Dynamic Line Ratings to Transmission Lines”
  • Larry Wilke, “A Data Approach to Advanced Distribution Management Systems”
  • Jeff Pack, “Cybersecurity Strategy – Active Defense”

We’re also proud to have been accepted as part of the tutorial line up. Join Rob Schaerer and Tyler Kent on Oct. 25 for the half-day tutorial: “Impacts of Transmission Lines on Adjacent Facilities; an Electrical Effects Perspective.”

Expanding and improving the transmission system is necessary to meet society’s future energy needs. This expansion combined with ever more demanding environmental and siting requirements often results in congested utility corridors and increased risk of electrical effects from the lines on nearby facilities. This tutorial will focus on the two main effects: (1) AC interference on parallel and adjacent facilities and (2) interference with communications systems. Pipelines and railroads paralleling or crossing transmission corridors can be exposed to induced or conducted currents and elevated voltages that can damage equipment or injure personnel. Communication systems including radio broadcast and microwave facilities can be affected by signal blockage and distortion, as well as transferred voltages from transmission lines.

Visit the event website for registration information.