Cityworks Regional User Groups - South Texas Area User Group

City of Sugar Land, Texas

November 9, 2017

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“Cityworks: yesterday and today”

Presented by Peter Godfrey (Senior Consultant, POWER) and Monique Johnson, Dinorah Sanchez (City of Sugar Land)

This presentation will focus on how the Sugar Land Right of Way Division (ROW) was accomplishing their work activities prior to integrating Cityworks AMS into their Inspection-based workflows. With the assistance from POWER, the collaboration centered around identifying ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ workflows and requirements for contractor ROW Mowing and ROW Beautification (mowing and plant bed maintenance) activities and internal Cyclical Tree Inspections. Once configured, the integration between Cityworks Office and Field mode played a large role in achieving the cycle from record initiation through disposition (e.g. ‘close’) of a Cityworks Cyclical Work Orders and their associated non-compliance child work order(s) as well as a Cityworks Tree Inspection Work Order and its associated child violation Inspection(s). These processes were configured at a time when the Public Works Department was under-going a new initiative to manage all work activities and associated labor, materials and equipment to develop key performance indicators (KPIs), actual work cycles and other organizational performance metrics, including asset management practices, leveraging Cityworks AMS as the foundation. The ROW Division and its implementation of Cityworks was an key example that would set precedents for the downstream Public Works Department Cityworks AMS re-engineering and associated performance measurements.