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Pro Tips: ArcGIS Server Connections

October 24, 2016

by Robert Krisher
Senior Consultant at POWER Engineers
This article was originally published as a LinkedIn Article

I ran into a pretty simple problem and figured I’d share the solution in case anyone who is making the switch to ArcGIS Pro has run into a similar issue.  I was struggling to figure out how to add an entire ArcGIS Server site to my project. In ArcMap I would do this by using the “GIS Servers” folder on the Catalog tab.

But my ArcGIS Pro project doesn’t have a GIS Server folder! So what do I do?

Like most of the problems I’ve faced with ArcGIS Pro, a quick glance at the online help got me pointed in the right direction. Simply go to the Insert Tab and click the connections button for a flyout menu of all the items you can insert into your project.

Once you’ve entered the connection information for your server and click OK a “Servers” folder will be added to your project and the new connection will be placed inside it. From here you can access it from the Servers folder and browse it like you would any other data source in your project. I hope you enjoyed the quick update!

About the Author:

Robert is a Senior Consultant in POWER’s Geospatial and Asset Management group with over 10 years of industry experience. Robert excels at pushing the boundaries of what is possible with GIS and related technologies at utilities, often by re-purposing proven technologies and methods in clever ways. As an active member of many early access programs across the industry and author of more than a dozen published articles, Robert is a recognized expert with Esri’s latest technology including ArcGIS Pro and the new Utility Network. He loves finding innovative solutions to complex challenges and sharing his insights with the GIS community. If you have any questions or comments for Robert, you can contact him at robert.krisher@powereng.com.