When your project includes complex surface and/or subsurface conditions, the importance of a high-quality geoengineering and geoscience services cannot be underestimated. We can provide you with innovative and practical solutions that fulfill your unique project needs—all within your budget, schedule, and acceptable level of risk.

POWER offers a unified approach to your project with a diverse, multidisciplinary staff all under one roof, including geotechnical engineers, geological engineers, civil engineers, earth scientists, and computer scientists. Our team has years of experience with compliance requirements at all levels—Federal, state, and local—allowing us to skillfully navigate the permitting process on your behalf.

Beginning early in the project cycle, we’ll work with you to identify issues, then guide sound decision-making that balances progressive thinking and risk management to achieve practical, cost-effective, technically sound results.

Geoengineering Projects

We can help with a wide range of projects, including:

Geoengineering Services

You may be interested in the following geoengineering services: