Visual Analysis

Now more than ever, the impact of your project on the visual environment is a sensitive issue that must be handled appropriately to meet regulations and avoid public opposition. Our visual resource team has the experience and tools to help you devise a project that withstands challenges and is sensitive to priority landscapes.

We will work with you to understand and respond to public and agency concerns about your project’s landscape aesthetics. Early in the process, we identify key pubic values and regulatory issues,  gather visual data, identify viewers experiencing the landscape and key viewing locations, and assess the environment’s character. We use visualization to evaluate specific impacts and communicate changes to the landscape. This process allows us to identify potential project mitigation, evaluate consistency with established regulation and standards, and develop criteria for resource planning or project siting. 

Visual Analysis Projects

 We work on a wide variety of projects that require visual analysis, including:

Visual Analysis Services

We work collaboratively with other disciplines within POWER (including visualization technicians and landscape architects) to provide comprehensive visual analysis services for your project, including: