Asset-Focused Analysis Tools

We help you take advantage of the latest trends in asset management reporting and analysis methods in asset-focused tools:

You can count on our industry experts in electric and water utilities, public works and municipal operations to point your organization toward a mature program for asset management with a focus on your future and your bottom line.

Esri’s Insights for ArcGIS

Provides a Cityworks integrated story map to dynamically query and display asset conditions, locations for concentration and multi-display graphs, charts and tree maps which dynamically can be modified and reflected in the map display.

Asset Maps

Cityworks Operational Insights

Develop your asset management strategies and maintenance priorities based on calculated user defined asset specific weights (risk or failure, consequence of failure and associated business impacts).  This data can then be leveraged within Cityworks as well as integrated with the Insights for ArcGIS platform to prioritize operational maintenance and capital planning.


Assetic’s Predictor

A tool to develop a deep understanding of your assets, their current state, locations, patterns and decision-making. This tool is highly reliant on a collaborative approach to complete asset management from acquisition through disposition. Uses your asset life cycle information to maximize the effectiveness of your asset modeling.