As a utility operator, you’re faced with increased demands for electricity from a more complex grid that includes distributed generation, renewable sources and battery energy storage. Secure, highly reliable operation is more important than ever.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade aging infrastructure, expand to meet load growth, harden your system against severe weather, apply the latest technologies or integrate distributed energy resources, POWER Engineers can help you meet rising customer expectations for reliable service.

Distribution Design

Growth, age and continual change affect the reliability of your distribution system. Making improvements must be done efficiently, but also done right.

Your Job Made Easier

POWER Engineers helps you meet your distribution demands with an experienced and innovative team of designers and engineers.

We make your job easier by performing standards-based and non-standards-based design in your design system or as a standalone construction package. We also offer a full range of supporting services, including field assessments, staking, permitting, easement support, estimating and construction support.

Our distribution design team is supported by engineers capable of providing advanced pole analysis, duct bank design and cable sizing, as well as feeder modeling, coordination, protection and automation.

Achieve your Goals

POWER has the right mix of expertise to understand your needs and provide the appropriate services to achieve successful projects in a creative, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Distribution Design Services

  • Overhead line
  • Underground line
  • Network distribution
  • Cable replacement
  • Overhead to underground conversions
  • Relocation
  • Voltage conversion
  • System hardening
  • Streetlight design
  • Joint use
  • Make ready
  • Line staking
  • Standards development

Distribution Engineering

As experts in the energy industry, POWER brings experience with planning, system modeling, system protection automation and design to your project. We can help identify your system’s needs, design a solution that fits and then deliver it.

We work seamlessly with your project team, supporting your staff members, not replacing them. This keeps you in control while meeting your needs.

And with offices throughout North America, we are where you need us to be.

Distribution Engineering Services

  • Distribution planning
  • System modeling
  • Protection and coordination
  • Distribution automation
  • Network engineering
  • Volt and var management
  • Standards development
  • Equipment selection
  • Siting and routing studies
  • Distributed generation integration
  • Microgrid design

Distributed Energy Resources

Whether you’re contending with current demand or future growth of distributed generation, POWER can help you understand the challenges and break down barriers to integrating distributed energy resources.

We partner with you every step of the way—from performing hosting capacity studies, reviewing interconnect applications and performing interconnect studies to providing owner or independent engineer reviews.

DER Integration Services

  • System hosting capacity studies
  • System impact, feasibility, and facility studies
  • Load flow and system modeling and analysis
  • Protective device coordination and settings development
  • System stability and transient analysis
  • Independent and owner engineering reviews
  • Interconnect application process development and application processing
  • Environmental evaluations and permitting support
  • GIS analysis and mapping

System Hardening and Resiliency

Demands placed on the electrical grid are numerous and complex. Add to that unpredictable and often severe weather, and electrical service can take a hit.

You can turn to POWER to harden your infrastructure, making it less prone to damage from extreme wind, ice, flooding or other weather hazards. We also can help you enhance resiliency, decreasing the time spent recovering from a storm.

You’ll not only be able to restore normal operations quickly, but also improve customer confidence.

System Hardening and Resiliency Services

  • System evaluation
  • Vegetation cover mitigation recommendations
  • Pole loading and strength analysis
  • Overhead hardening design
  • Underground conversion
  • Wire type and size evaluation
  • Distribution automation and sectionalizing recommendations
  • Reliability index improvement recommendations
  • Storm recovery support

Advanced Distribution Management System

An Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) unifies information technology with operational technology. It provides operators more visibility of what is happening on the grid, as well as information needed to supply quality power during changes in demand.

ADMS also offers more advanced functions that include load management, restoration switching analysis, state estimation, as well as training simulation and reviewing events.

POWER’s technical experts will tackle mapping and modeling of your distribution network—essential to making the most of the advanced functions found in an ADMS.

ADMS Services

  • Data modeling
  • Gap analysis
  • Common Information Model (CIM) compliance
  • GIS network connectivity QA/QC
  • Logical data population from multiple sources
  • Source data systems enhancements

Canadian Design-Build Services

POWER Engineers provides design-build services for underground residential distribution (URD), including streetlights and civil-only projects, across western Canada.

Our design team and project managers will support the complex needs of your project, from initial conception and quotation to final design and construction.

Let’s talk about how POWER Engineers can help you with your unique project. Contact us at infocanada@powereng.com

ENMAX Developer Choice Program

We’re an approved service provider for ENMAX under the Developer Choice Program for non-residential design-build services within the City of Calgary.

Electrical infrastructure design, material procurement, construction, joint-use coordination (gas and communication), permits, ULA approvals, and construction management services are part of our design-build offerings.

With POWER, you gain an experienced team who can deliver on time and on budget while keeping safety a top priority.

Underground Residential Distribution and Streetlighting

Our team provides underground residential distribution (URD) services for utility companies, developers, design firms and many others.

Such services include streetlighting, multi-phase developments, joint-use coordination, permits, ULA approvals and construction management.  Our team handles all facets of the project, from initial conception layouts to construction and energization.

For any quotations or questions, contact us at infocanada@powereng.com.