Substation technology is advancing at an accelerating rate. POWER’s NexStation® service will help you craft and implement a strategy for sound investments in substation devices and technologies, even in the midst of an evolving power grid.

Start Benefiting Today

A Holistic Approach

NexStation® is engineered to address the full spectrum of your substation needs, and it also gives you the flexibility to focus on one or more of the five phases of implementation:

1.  Technical Advisement
2.  Phased Planning and Specifications
3.  Digital Substation Design and Implementation
4.  Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance services
5.  Operations Support and Training

Achieve your long-term goals and benefit from cost savings through efficiencies in design, construction and maintenance, extended utilization of equipment and enhanced system performance.

NexStation Lab

Since 2009, POWER has been exploring emerging substation technologies in our NexStation® Lab, investing more than 2,000 man-hours reviewing the performance and interoperability of IEC 61850-enabled equipment. Our approach is vendor-neutral, so we test a wide range of hardware and software to achieve the best performing fully integrated substation.

Our areas of focus include performance, configurability, redundancy, testing, security and documentation using open standards—key elements of the NexStation® service.

Contact us for the latest quarterly lab report.