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POWER provides protection and control services for major wind farm in Mexico

June 2017

HAILEY, Idaho (June 1, 2017) ‒ POWER Engineers Incorporated (POWER) provided state-of-the-art protection and control services that helped bring a major Mexican wind farm online.

The 199.5-megawatt (MW) wind farm, known as Eólica de Coahuila, is a joint project of EDP Renewables (EDPR) and Industrias Peñoles. EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA), headquartered in Houston, will operate the wind farm, which will supply 100% of the energy produced to Industrias Peñoles, a leading Mexican silver mining company. This is the first wind farm project in Mexico for both EDPR and POWER.

The project includes 95 wind turbines located on 11,614 acres owned by an Industrias Peñoles subsidiary. The wind farm is located within the municipality of General Cepeda in the state of Coahuila in northern Mexico. POWER provided engineering design services for protective relay settings and arc flash evaluation. The company also provided SCADA design for wind farm communication architecture, substation integration and touch-panel human machine interfaces, known as HMI.

Control, protection and communication systems give operators better visibility of the performance of the power generation system, improving safety, dependability and efficiency. SCADA systems consolidate all of the operating data in the HMI master station. SCADA systems allow operators to quickly review any event and adjust the system to avoid or reduce potential harmful effects of a fault. Many fault responses occur automatically and rapidly.

“We are pleased to have played a part in making EDPR’s first wind farm in Mexico a reality,” said POWER project manager Todd Haynes. “This farm is a great example of collaboration among everyone involved to bring clean energy to the mining industry.”

The wind farm collector substation consists of a 230 MVA 230 kV/34.5 kV transformer with associated protective devices. Eight 34.5 kV collector circuit breakers are located in the substation yard, with control panels and SCADA connections enclosed in one building.

Since 2006, POWER has provided a range of SCADA and analytical services for EDPR NA, which develops, constructs, owns and operates wind farms throughout North America. POWER helped EDP Renewables improve consistency in standards across its fleet, maintain the highest possible uptime and accurately allocate line losses when multiple wind farms share a common interconnect transmission line.

POWER brought to the project extensive expertise with renewable energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. This expertise includes integrating renewable sources into microgrids, utility power grids and within regional transmission organizations.