Imperial Irrigation District, 100 MW Niland Gas Turbine Plant. California
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Client: Imperial Irrigation District
Location: California, USA

The Niland project involved the installation of two new 50 MW GE LM6000 DLN gas turbines fitted with SCR and CO emissions control systems. The two units will operate in simple cycle. The installation is designed to allow remote start/stop and rapid full-load operation cycling, to support IID in responding to peak loads. The Niland gas turbines will be equipped with evaporative air inlet coolers to support high-efficiency operations at a hot site. The inlet coolers will use demineralized water trucked from the El Centro plant site.

POWER’s scope included specific design and technical support for IID’s filing of the formal Application of Certification to the California Energy Commission and securing the CEC permit for Niland. This support includes a highly evolved 30 percent design package, development of emissions data for air quality permitting, and support for hearings and workshops during the permitting processes.

POWER’s scope for Niland also included full OE support to IID for equipment selection and purchase, development and issue of the EPC development specification, review and comparison of submittals by EPCs, and service as IID’s engineer throughout the construction and commissioning phases.