AREVA Solar, 177 MW Solar Power Plant 3D Preliminary Design

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Client: AREVA Solar
Location: Undisclosed

This project was the first utility-scale application of AREVA’s Advanced Solar Thermal Technology (formerly Ausra) in the U.S.  POWER Engineers provided detailed 3D preliminary and high-level conceptual design for the 177 MW AREVA Carrizo Plains collection system and power block. Services included site and grading design for the 550-acre collector system, foundation design for receiver arrays, feed water, steam, and drain piping systems, and design of the power block and switchyard arrangement. 

As designed, the plant used AREVA’s proprietary Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) collection and steam generation system. The 550-acre array of mirrors and collection piping heats water into high-pressure steam, which is piped to the project’s power plant where the steam is used to spin turbines and generate electricity. The power plant uses water-thrifty air-cooled condensers to condense the steam and recycle the water back to the collection system.

The AREVA solar collector approach is distinctive in its economical construction using modular components, and its economical land use in which numerous mirror arrays heat a shared heat collection tube, inducing high temperatures in the circulating feedwater.