Riverside Public Utilities, 96 MW Riverside Energy Resource Center Phase II, Units 3 and 4, Riverside, California
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Client: Riverside Public Utilities
Location: Riverside, California, USA

Riverside Public Utilities retained POWER as its engineer for the full definition, permitting and design for Riverside Energy Resource Center Units 3 and 4. The Units 3 and 4 project involved installation of two, new LM6000 PC SPRINT NxGen gas-fired combustion turbines to provide additional peaking capacity to Riverside’s generation fleet.

POWER was Riverside’s owner’s engineer for the development and permitting of the first two units at the Riverside Energy Resource Center. POWER’s role for Units 3 and 4 was expanded because Riverside elected to retain more control of the detailed design as well as equipment and material sourcing. They asked POWER to perform detail engineering for the Riverside Energy Resource Center build out. Riverside and POWER pursued a conventional design-bid-build approach in selecting a construction contractor.

POWER provided consulting, environmental, detailed design, and construction management as well as commissioning services. The work scope included conceptual design, CEC and SCAQMD permitting, major equipment procurement, detailed design, construction specification and bidding, and construction management.  Specifically, POWER’s services for RERC 3 and 4 was divided into four phases:
Phase 1 – Project Definition: In Phase 1, POWER reviewed and evaluated two siting alternatives for the two new units.
Phase 2 – Permitting: POWER was responsible for technical support for permitting the two units through the California Energy Commission under their Small Power Plant Exemption (SPPE) permitting process.
Phase 3 – Detailed Engineering: POWER performed detailed design for the installation of the two new units and auxiliary systems.
Phase 4 – Construction Support and Management: POWER subcontracted for specialized construction management services for the duration of construction.