BESS PSS/E Model for Load & Stability

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Client: Xtreme Power Solutions
Location: Texas, USA

POWER created a user-defined model for use in PTI’s PSS/E software to simulate the effects of a battery energy storage system (BESS) when used as a back-up device to smooth the power flow fluctuations inherent in wind-generated power. When integrated into a wind farm, the BESS would absorb power during periods of excess wind power, supply power during periods of low wind, and control local voltage levels. Natural variations in wind strength result in fluctuations in the power generated by wind turbines. These fluctuations can adversely affect a system’s stability, and a BESS can reduce these impacts by smoothing the fluctuations. The model predicts the effects of an Xtreme Power Solutions BESS in smoothing the fluctuations to meet utility interconnection performance requirements as represented by load flow and system stability simulations. The model can help planners, designers, and utilities evaluate the effects of a BESS on the flow of power generated from a wind farm and the control of voltage at the local collector bus.