Design and Construction Support Services for Elevated, Class 100,000 Clean Room Connector: Optical Glass Manufacturing to Optical Fiber Draw Areas

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Location: Southeastern US

POWER provided multidiscipline design services, including project management and construction support for an elevated, Class 100,000 Clean Room connector leading from the optical glass manufacturing area (referred to as rod-in-tube or RIT) to the optical fiber draw process area (referred to as ultra tall draw or UTD). The two facilities are located in heavily congested areas and are approximately 100 feet from one another. POWER presented several connector schemes and worked closely with the client to choose an optimal design scheme. The new connector spans a fire lane, pedestrian walkways and a variety of underground utilities. POWER evaluated the material flow and handling requirements to accommodate the transportation of cumbersome and delicate glass rods from one process area to another. During schematic design, POWER gathered and compiled data as a basis for design criteria, defining spatial, functional and material requirements.

Project services during final design included the following: