Erie Shores 115 kV Transmission Line - Canada

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Clients: PowerTel Utilities
Location: Ontario, Canada

POWER performed transmission line design for a new 13-mile, 115 kV transmission line connecting a new wind farm substation to Hydro One’s 115 kV grid. The line was constructed along an abandoned railway bed with very limited wayleave width. The design consisted of single wood pole structures using polymer post insulators and Drake conductors to meet CSA Heavy rules. The route was generally straight and flat with occasional curves, multiple line crossings, a third-party low-voltage underbuild and active railway crossings at close proximities. Spans were short and guying was steep. The PLS-CADD® design used a LiDAR survey supplemented by ground surveys of selected features. POWER was a subcontractor to PowerTel, which held the EPC contract with Hydro One.