Georgia Power and Gas Infrastructure Program Electrical Engineering Technical Support - Republic of Georgia

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Client: U.S. Agency for International Development
Location: Republic of Georgia

POWER provided resident professional engineering technical services to Tetra Tech to support power and gas transmission improvements being undertaken by USAID on behalf of the National Utility for the Government of Georgia. The overall project promotes energy security through greater access to electricity and natural gas supplies for millions of households in Western Georgia, promotes the development of the Poti Free Industrial Zone on the Black Sea, and secures power exports through reliability-related infrastructure improvements. POWER Engineers is associated with the electrical component of this project, and not involved with the gas transmission components. POWER provided engineering and technical support to assist in efforts to provide a safe, long-lived, and energy efficient infrastructure and related facilities in Georgia.

Engineering services that POWER provided included:

This project supported the reconstruction of the 220kV Senaki twin chain power lines dismantled in 1992 during Georgia’s Civil War, full and partial construction of new power substations to support the Senaki line, and operational controls designed to improve efficiencies and reduce risks in transmission management.

This work had sub-components which were the subject of completed preliminary designs, including:

POWER performed a follow-up review of construction of the Senaki I and II transmission lines, as well as the Menji and Tskaltubo Substations to establish their readiness for energization. The visit included witness testing and commissioning activities at each of the substation sites.