Guam 4 MW Wind Park Evaluation

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Client: EMCE Consulting Engineers
Location: Guam

POWER led the evaluation of two potential sites for a 4 MW wind park proposed by the U.S. Navy on the Pacific Island of Guam. The evaluation included site and wind characteristics, electrical interconnection, and turbine technology for each site to be configured in either four 1 MW turbines, two 2 MW turbines, or a combination of sites and turbine configurations. V-Bar, LLC, a specialist in meteorology, wind characterization, turbine siting, and wind park layout, supported POWER in the evaluation as a subcontractor.

POWER and V-Bar evaluated the two sites for their wind, ambient air and soil characteristics, access, and the routing of the collection and interconnection systems. We conducted a design charrette to review design requirements for the sites and evaluate various design scenarios. The evaluation included the identification of wind turbine manufacturers; topology and turbine placement analysis; project impacts associated with high-wind events; construction, life-cycle and maintenance cost estimates; noise analysis; shadow flicker analysis; risk analysis; site layouts; and electrical impacts to the naval base grid.