Itabera 800 kV 1.6 Gvar Series Capacitor - Brazil

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Client: General Electric Company
Location: Brazil

POWER was responsible for a new 800 kV, two-segment series capacitor bank for the Itabera Substation, approximately 300 km west of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Owned by Furnas Brazil Utility, the facility transmits approximately 11 percent of the country’s electric power to Sao Paulo (population of nearly 17 million) and at the time of completion was the largest capacitor bank in the world. Initial installation was 1.2 Gvar with ultimate rating of 1.6 Gvar.

The design included two platform segments, each using a single bypass breaker, and a third overall bypass breaker. Each platform design included eighteen 40-unit racks of fused capacitors, a metal oxide varistor assembly, a current transformer rack, a triggered air gap (TAG), and a current limiting reactor. For this fast track project, POWER was responsible for plans, sections, structural analysis, structural framing plan and details, foundation design, grounding, corona protection design, platform ampacity study, electrical bussing, fiber optic design and all interface wiring between GE control panels and the bypass breakers.