PCL Constructors, 180 MW JEA Kennedy Station 7FA Simple Cycle Gas Turbine Installation, Jacksonville, Florida
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Client: PCL Constructors
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The JEA Kennedy Generating Station CT8 Project consisted of the addition of a new General Electric Model PG7241 (FA) dual fuel combustion turbine and generator along with auxiliary equipment, required utilities and support facilities for operation of the new unit. POWER performed full, detailed design engineering services for the balance of plant on this simple cycle gas turbine installation. The balance of plant engineering included foundations, access platforms and miscellaneous support structures, fuel gas supply and liquid fuel supply systems including fuel oil forwarding pumps and fuel gas filtration equipment, service air and instrument air systems, demineralized water storage tank and demineralized water transfer pumps, service water system, expansion of the site fire protection system, wastewater collection and treatment, and interconnecting piping and wiring not furnished by the CTG Supplier. POWER was also involved in developing the control system for the balance of plant systems and provided onsite operator training for JEA operation and maintenance staff.