AREVA Solar: Kimberlina 5 MW Demonstration Solar Thermal Plant
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Client: AREVA Solar
Location: Bakersfield, California, USA

AREVA Solar hired POWER Engineers to deliver fast-track design for a commercial demonstration plant in Bakersfield, California using its proprietary concentrating solar collection and generation system. POWER Engineers provided full multi-discipline design for the 5 MW collection system and power generation station. Services included site design for the 10 acre collection system, foundation design for collector arrays, heat transfer fluid piping systems, and the turbine generator station. The plant opened for solar generation business in October 2008 and is the first solar thermal plant completed in  California for several decades.

The AREVA Solar solar collector approach is distinctive in its economical construction because it uses modular components, and in its economical land use because it uses numerous mirror arrays that heat a shared heat collection tube, inducing high temperatures in the heat transfer fluid.