Kizildere II, 80 MW Geothermal Plant, Turkey
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Client: Zorlu Energy
Location: Turkey

Kizildere II is the largest geothermal project in Turkey. The project was developed by Zorlu Energy, with engineering service provided by POWER Engineers, Veizades and Associates, and Geologica. POWER was responsible for the overall plant design. Resource engineering was by Geologica and steam field piping engineering by Veizades. A feasibility study reviewing options for geothermal power generation cycle technology was performed at the initial stage of development. Due to the high non-condensable gas (NCG) content of the geothermal fluid, an advanced and patented triple-flash cycle was selected as the preferred method to harness the Kizildere resource for power generation. The project, commissioned in 2013, consists of a 60 MWe triple-flash plant employing two turbines on a single shaft; the high-pressure turbine exhausting to two 10 MWe binary units and an intermediate/low pressure turbine exhausting to an advanced direct contact condenser. Both the IP/LP turbine’s condenser and binary plant are cooled by condensate from a wet cooling tower. This plant configuration was chosen to cost-effectively match the equipment and parasitic load requirements to the distinctive characteristics of the Kizildere hydrothermal resource, and to allow the plant systems to cost-effectively respond to anticipated changes in resource characteristics over the project’s life cycle, as resource gas content and enthalpy change over time. In addition to its principal power generation stages, the plant is capable of providing thermal energy in the form of hot water for several nearby greenhouses, as well as for use in district heating to a neighboring community.