Sasol OCGT and Cogeneration Power Plant - South Africa

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Client: Group Five
Location: Secunda, South Africa

This project consisted of the process design for a 180 MW gas turbine power station at a refinery owned and operated by Sasol, the largest petrochemical company in South Africa. The plant consisted of two GE Frame 9 gas turbines. The plant is located within the Sasol primary area near the town of Secunda and had to meet the company’s very stringent design and safety requirements. A gas treatment facility formed part of the balance of plant scope of work and included fuel gas filters and heaters. The project included a HAZOP study, technology selection, model reviews, and commissioning assistance.

In its initial phase, the plant was built in a single cycle. A second phase added heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) on each of the turbines. NEM provided the HRSGs. Therefore, our balance-of-plant design integrated the requirements of Sasol, GE, and NEM. The steam from the generation process is exported to the Sasol refinery for internal use.