Tessera Solar, Stirling 1.5 MW Demonstration Plant, Arizona
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Client: Tessera Solar
Location: Arizona, USA

POWER Engineers was the electrical design engineer for Tessera Solar to design and support permitting and construction for a 1.5 MW demonstration plant. The high profile fast-track project utilized 60 Stirling Energy Systems (SES) SunCatcher™ solar thermal generators and was the first SES commercial generation interconnect to the grid using the SunCatcher™ solar power generators. This 1.5 MW configuration was the basic building block for all of Tessera’s proposed plants. POWER was responsible for detailed design of the power collection system and the grid interconnection, and provided the design documents necessary for permitting, contactor bid and construction. POWER provided the short circuit and load flow study as well as the development of relay and breaker settings in coordination with the Salt River Project and its required direct transfer trip protection scheme.