USAID Communications Tower

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Client: USAID Communications Tower
Location: Afghanistan

POWER provided engineering support of a USAID-sponsored project for an 80 meter tall, multi-use communication tower located on the Kandahar U.S. Air Base, Afghanistan.  The location leverages protection of the tower and provides more reliable communications platforms. The tower allows service providers in the Kandahar area the ability to install reliable, uninterrupted cellular, TV, microwave, and AM/FM antennas services.

 POWER was asked to provide communication and electrical design support for the tower with a critical request: a quick turn-around time. All of the work including electrical and systems design, support, and bid documentation was completed in POWER’s Boise office, along with structural reviews of the TetraTech designed tower. The design documentation and drawings were submitted well within the requested tight turn-around schedule.

 The work scope included project management and engineering design to specify communications payloads, review of structural loading calculations and design of support systems for the towers.  These support systems consisted of a grounding/bonding grid and a solar-powered battery power source and obstruction lighting system for aircraft avoidance.  POWER also provided construction support assistance in the evaluation of contractor bid packages for construction of the towers and their associated support systems.