The ability to fly drones below 400 feet opens a world of possibilities to visualize the future of your project.

Our experts can merge drone video with animation to create a virtual 3D environment of your project. You gain the ability to provide the public, regulators and other stakeholders an easy way to understand how construction will progress over time. Your audience can grasp the big picture quickly, minimizing the time needed to answer a variety of questions.

You also gain the ability to model reality that allows you to take inventory and make surface calculations. You can inspect your project from anywhere and interact with the information captured from a drone.

You not only gain confidence that your project is being constructed as planned and designed, but you generate trust among stakeholders.

DennyCombining drone video and geospatial information, and then overlaying our 3D model, provided a look into the future of the Seattle City Light’s Denny Substation.

UAV SimWe used drones and animation technology to show different possible uses of an empty lot adjacent to POWER’s Boise office. This highlights the ability to simulate information in a video.

UAV SimBefore-and-after photo simulations quickly communicate to stakeholders how a project will fit into the landscape.