Mapping & Analysis

When you select a route or site for your project, take a proactive approach with POWER. We can help minimize delays in licensing and permitting, and help save money throughout your project by maximizing the use of available mapping and analysis data.

POWER has the in-house expertise to keep your project on schedule by gauging cultural, water, biological, geological, and air quality resources; visual impacts; land use, transportation, existing infrastructure, and constructability; hazardous waste considerations; and more.

Our team provides a variety of mapping and analysis services to guide your project from conceptual design through siting, public involvement, preliminary engineering and completion.

We are now using fixed-wing UASs (drones) to collect GIS data, aerial images and thermal images. We can process the data and deliver meaningful analysis to you while saving time and money and reducing risk.

Mapping and Analysis Projects

Routing & Siting

We provide services that tie geographic-based data to a coordinate system and relate it to other data to help you analyze possible routes and select the best option.

  • Data collection, data mining, data creation, and data management
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Routing and siting, impact assessment and analysis
  • Ground disturbance modeling
  • Impact assessment
  • Aerial photo management and interpretation (compression, mosaic, format conversion)
  • GPS hardware setup, maintenance, collection, post processing and analysis
  • Report generation
  • Public comment capture, compilation, analysis and display
  • Airport surface analysis
  • Wind pattern analysis

Preliminary Engineering

Once you’ve selected your route or site, we use GIS techniques and collaborate with POWER’s engineering staff to provide services that pave the road for construction.

  • Cost estimation
  • Construction planning
  • Impact assessment
  • Disturbance calculation
  • Field map books with integrated GPS (data can be used later in project design stage)

Public Involvement

It’s a fact: public opinion about your project happens whether you want it to or not. POWER can help make sure you get the message that you want to convey using POWER360®.

POWER360® is a powerful application for managing projects developed by POWER, and includes a GIS-based comment tracking tool that connects the public’s input to your project plans. Here’s how the process works:

  1. POWER provides a live GIS station at public meetings where concerned stakeholders can sit down face-to-face with GIS analysts to add their comments to a spatial map.

  2. This map becomes part of the public comment database, creating a permanent record of all comments.

  3. Once comments are logged into the database, they can be analyzed from any angle and output in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Learn more about POWER’s public involvement and stakeholder communication services.