Strategic Communications

Communication about your project will happen whether you plan it or not—and POWER’s team can help make sure the message is one you want to send. We know from years of experience how to make sure your project is framed optimally. We provide a full range of facilitation, advocacy, and outreach services for public and private sector clients, including agency-driven public involvement, stakeholder outreach, community assessment, media relations, and communications planning and permitting strategy.

POWER’s goal is to help you design a strategic communications program that matches your project’s needs. We’ll help you develop a proactive, community-based approach that starts with insightful analysis and ends with targeted strategies—all customized for your project. 

Strategic Communications Tools

Our strategic communication tools include visual elements that provide an accurate and balanced look at your project’s impacts, aesthetics, and benefits. Some examples are:

Strategic Communications Services 

You may be interested in these strategic communication services: