Visual Resources

How your project will impact the visual environment is a major concern for a variety of agencies and for the public at large. POWER’s in-house visual resource specialists and landscape architects have the expertise and tools to efficiently address stakeholder concerns regarding landscape aesthetics and keep your project moving forward.

We work collaboratively with other disciplines within POWER to provide a broad range of visual analysis services to support resource planning, project mitigation, public involvement, project siting, and compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations.

Our visual analysts identify key public values and regulatory issues early on to determine the appropriate level of analysis. We work diligently with all stakeholders to communicate changes and evaluate specific impacts to the visual environment.

Where necessary, we use advanced visualization tools to present our results, promote best practices and bridge common communication gaps in the public process—see examples here. The end result for you is a successful, defensible project that is sensitive to valued landscapes.

Visual Resources Process

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