POWER Engineers’ International division delivers the company’s many capabilities to the world’s marketplace. From offices in Europe, Africa and the Americas, we focus our services on opportunities that support the world’s well-being: energy, food and infrastructure needed for economic growth.

Decades of International Experience

Since 1987, POWER has worked in over 30 countries across six continents. We know what it takes to do business outside of the U.S., from understanding technical standards, legal requirements and environmental compliance to operating using major foreign currencies. Many of our employees possess foreign language skills, and all work well with diverse cultures and local customs.

As experts in project design and development, we can serve as design or owner’s engineers. Our engineering teams are specialists in the delivery and generation of electricity from gas, steam, geothermal, wind and solar technologies.  We also support our global food and beverage clients with comprehensive engineering services tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Determine the Viability of Your Project

Teamed with POWER Generation’s Strategic Consulting Services, our experts advise financial backers and energy developers on a project’s feasibility and execution. They possess a high-level knowledge of the business, financial and technological options available for structuring a venture and recommend the appropriate framework to promote its success.