Canadian Design-Build Services

POWER Engineers provides design-build services for underground residential distribution (URD), including streetlights and civil-only projects, across western Canada.

Our design team and project managers will support the complex needs of your project, from initial conception and quotation to final design and construction.

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ENMAX Developer Choice Program

We’re an approved service provider for ENMAX under the Developer Choice Program for non-residential design-build services within the City of Calgary.

Electrical infrastructure design, material procurement, construction, joint-use coordination (gas and communication), permits, ULA approvals, and construction management services are part of our design-build offerings.

With POWER, you gain an experienced team who can deliver on time and on budget while keeping safety a top priority.

Underground Residential Distribution and Streetlighting

Our team provides underground residential distribution (URD) services for utility companies, developers, design firms and many others.

Such services include streetlighting, multi-phase developments, joint-use coordination, permits, ULA approvals and construction management.  Our team handles all facets of the project, from initial conception layouts to construction and energization.

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