Field Control Services

Could your plant benefit from professionals onsite delivering top-to-bottom solutions? POWER’s field control specialists can help.

With an in-depth knowledge of various boilers, burners and control system platforms, POWER applies advanced techniques to assist you in obtaining the maximum benefit from your boiler control system.

We also provide expert calibration, installation, repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of electronic, pneumatic and mechanical control instrumentation.

Listen-First Approach

We will come to your facility and listen to your ideas, problems, budget and schedule limitations. Then we’ll craft a solution that fits your unique situation.

Working closely with your plant personnel, we can help limit down-time, work around running equipment and ensure your project gets undivided attention.

Flexible, Customized Services

POWER can provide you with options you need to improve the status, reliability, efficiency or features of your energy and steam production/process equipment, control equipment and engineering software.

Services include:

Whether your plant is 50 years old or 5 months into construction, POWER can help you maximize the value of your investment.

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