As an employee-owned company, we strive to make POWER Engineers an appealing place to work, where we perform projects that we find challenging and drive us to succeed. 

Do What You Love 

We believe that if you enjoy what you are doing, you’ll do good work. If you do good work, then you’ll make money. And if you’re making money, it’s much easier to enjoy what you are doing, so you can do good work…and so the cycle continues.

Our employees work hard. Sometimes that means long hours, but mostly it means using our heads to produce a quality result. We find that we are at our best when we are solving our clients’ challenges, relying on our resourcefulness and perseverance.

POWER Engineers is a unique and fun engineering firm, which may be contradictory to some, but it works well for us.


There are a lot of reasons to join the POWER team. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Excitement and Innovation
We work on interesting and challenging projects around the world from designing one of the longest transmission line crossings to designing the largest cheese plant in North America. We have implemented an ITS signalization connecting 43 intersections in a busy downtown metropolis and designed innovative power plant upgrades at the world’s largest geothermal production resource field.

Come As You Are
Our employees are simply the best. They are fun, team players and come in all types: cowboys, musicians, race car drivers, cyclists, surfers, mountain climbers, etc. Whatever your talent or background, you’ll definitely fit in.

Laid Back Atmosphere
Our firm is employee-owned with a casual work environment. Some take casual to mean no tie and jacket, and others come to work in their good flip-flops.

Impressive Peers
You will be impressed with the technical competence of peers, mentors, and managers. For example, our T&D Division Manager was one of the first contributors to Byte magazine, an early, influential microcomputer magazine. Most of us find that impressive.

Good Morale
We work hard to continually improve our employee morale program, which includes company-sponsored annual social events like the Burnout and POWER Outage (which often includes adventurous water activities). And to boost morale and to make sure we stay healthy, we keep our benefits competitive.

Meaningful Work
Our team appreciates and encourages quality work. We want our team members to take pride in the company and the work they do. You can even show your pride by wearing your free, employee-designed Outage t-shirt out and about.

Dependable Management 
We have a stable company that has diversified services to position ourselves well for the road ahead. Our management team is approachable and makes decisions based on hands-on involvement throughout the company.  

Recognition and Merit 
We believe in performance-based merit and advancement; hard work and dedication are valued. We are large enough to provide lots of opportunities for our team members, but small enough that we know each other by name. Plus, if you come in to work on Saturday, there may be left-over snacks from our Friday festivities.

Flexible Philosophies  
Our team uses a flexible management philosophy, providing guidelines and principles and not just policies. Some universal rules and common sense still apply:  no running with scissors and no singing loudly to your iPod at your desk, please.

An Industry Leader
We are highly respected by our clients and a leader in our industries. We work on cool projects and do what is best for our clients.

Work Here 

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