70 MW Panyam Solar PV Project - Nigeria

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Client: CT Cosmos Nigeria Ltd.
Location: Nigeria

Seeking approval of its Panyam Solar PV project, CT Cosmos Nigeria Ltd. hired POWER to generate preliminary plant output and design information to complete its application to the government’s bulk power trading agency. Using the PVsyst software program, POWER created a Generation Energy Model to establish site’s potential for generation and to demonstrate the 20-year viability of the proposed 70 MW facility to the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET). The model used the client’s preferred panel option and a second option to predict the plant’s electrical output. As part of the application package, POWER also produced preliminary AC and DC one-line diagrams for the project and included a discussion of the results in the developer’s feasibility study. In its role as Owner’s Engineer to CT Cosmos, POWER also reviewed the developer’s feasibility study for the project and prepared a division of labor for the project team, which also includes Siemens Limited as the EPC Contractor. The development was conceived in response to the Nigeria’s Renewable Energy Programme to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. The NBET was established to temporarily broker power sales from independent power producers to local distribution companies to transition the ownership of power infrastructure to the private sector.