Aesthetically Appealing 44,000 Square Foot Industrial Process Facility and Office Building

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Location: Midwestern US

Relationship: Building a good relationship with this client was the result of providing service above and beyond their expectations. Placement of a large building on a very constricted site was a challenge in itself, but by gaining a clear understanding of the owner’s objectives and the industrial product flow, POWER was able to investigate, re-evaluate, and advocate process schemes which would refine the processing area. Meeting this challenge led to a processing facility which surpassed the design aspect of a typical industrial building.

Teamwork: Multiple entities collaborated to resolve potentially conflicting systems. Utilities, processing equipment, railroad and truck dock access, interior and exterior truck circulation, ongoing pick up, delivery and sorting of product must be coordinated while accommodating the air quality, safety and comfort standards for the facility’s employees. By orchestrating the flow of product through the process floor with active monitoring from the adjacent office area, incompatible uses were held to a minimum.

Fit: As a design-build project, POWER joined forces with the general contractor to deliver a total turnkey package to the owner. Site difficulties were resolved, process flow was enhanced and clear span structural systems accommodated flexible circulation. The 44,000 square foot, 40 foot high process floor coexists readily with the 2,300 square foot, two-story office and staff facilities.

Exceeding the minimum also included a design approach that considered the “face” the facility presented to its neighbors. Thoughtful, economical design solutions allow this industrial process plant to also achieve contextual sensitivity to its neighborhood surroundings.