Boney Falls Hydroelectric Station Due Diligence

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Client: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners LC
Location: Michigan

A team of experts from POWER performed a due diligence review of the Boney Falls Hydroelectric Station to support the purchase of the facility along with the local utility by an infrastructure investment fund. Acting as Independent Engineer for the purchaser, the POWER team conducted a conditions assessment, an environmental compliance and FERC licensing review, and OpEx and CapEx assessments of the facility.

The facility was built in 1921 as a run-of-the-river installation and is located outside of Cornell, Michigan, on the Escanaba River, about 22 miles upstream of the river’s mouth on Lake Michigan. It includes a reservoir, dam and powerhouse with an integral intake. The reservoir normal pool elevation is 906.58. Boney Falls impounds approximately 1,700 acre-feet of water at normal pool. The powerhouse has three vertical-axis Francis-type generating units capable of producing 4.1 MW of power and operates at a head range of 90 feet. Two units are each rated at 1.7 MW and the third unit rated at 1 MW.