Asset Management/Mobile

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Client: Eagle River Water and Sanitation District 
Location: Vail, Colorado, USA 

The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District (the District) is a quasi-municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the state. The District encompasses approximately 54,400 acres in Eagle County and includes within its boundaries the towns of Vail, Minturn, and Avon, and encompasses the mixed-use developments served by Arrowhead, Beaver Creek, Berry Creek, Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Bachelor Gulch, and Cordillera Metropolitan Districts as well. The district currently manages a system that serves 24,778 water and 25,155 wastewater single-family equivalent units. While the District’s permanent population is estimated to be approximately 20,000, its population during peak season exceeds 40,500 residents due to the influx of temporary residents for recreation and tourism purposes during the winter and summer seasons. 

The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District (District) provides water service and operates three treatment plants in Vail, Edwards and Avon. Water sources include wells and a surface water treatment plant located in East Vail. 

Prior to 2010, the District utilized a work order management system that had no link to the existing GIS data maintained by IT. Field users in the Distribution and Collection (D&C) division had no access to the work orders. All users worked with printed maps and work orders forms. The existing system made it difficult to extract required monthly and yearly reports. 

A field-first approach 

The District envisioned a system that would give D&C maintenance crews up-to-date information about their water and sewer facilities and that would include access to all assigned work while in the field. With a greater number of field users than office users, the new system needed a very easy-to-use and robust field application as well as a strong in-office product. 

After a survey of applications in the market, the District chose the combination of Cityworks® Server Asset Management System (AMS) and infraMAP®, iWater’s field access product. Cityworks would provide in-office access to facility and work information as well as field access to work information. InfraMap would provide field access to facility information and seamless access to the Cityworks work order forms. 

POWER Engineers partnered with the District to implement Cityworks CMMS for IT, water and sewer departments and infraMAP for Distribution and Collection crews. The GIS-centric solution leverages the information within the existing GIS in order to manage capital assets and infrastructure for water distribution and sewer collection systems. 

Solution focused on work processes 

The District realized that a successful project must not just focus on technology, but must focus on work processes and must clearly articulate how new technology can be used to help facilitate the work of maintaining a water and sewer system. The process started with analysis of the District’s work processes. The POWER team led business process workshops and documented the workflows with which the District would incorporate the new technology – Cityworks and infraMap. The workshops involved many demonstrations of the two products, so that the District could visualize how the end system would work for them. Only after the work processes were agreed upon were the application configuration requirements identified. 

Integrated solution fits users’ needs 

The infraMAP mobile GIS client was deployed to the field crews with embedded Cityworks functionality. Cityworks Server is used by office staff in the IT and Water Distribution and Sewer Collection departments. By using this integrated system, the District has been able to track and capture maintenance activities on all water (hydrants, mains, valves) and sewer (manholes, mains, lift stations) assets. In addition, the District is beginning to use Cityworks to track inspections during construction of new water and sewer facilities. 

“Together these applications provide the District with a powerful management and administration tool as well as an easy-to-use mobile component for our Distribution and Collection crew,” stated Kevin Aoki, IT/IS Division Manager of the District. 

Cityworks AMS also integrates with two other key systems – the AUS Customer Information System (CIS) and the GasBoy fueling system. Pulling customer data into Cityworks, the integration provides the D&C team with up-to-date customer information for Service Requests. The interface to GasBoy pulls over vehicle fuel usage and mileage data and generates work orders for fuel tank refills and for vehicle replacement. 

The IT staff migrated asset history information to Cityworks, so it went “live” with important history of asset maintenance. 

POWER provided a complete range of services to help the District achieve real business results – including elimination of repeated data entry, simplified data management, and better tracking and reporting capabilities.