Global Infrastructure Partners – Wind Farm

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Client: Global Infrastructure Partners
Location: California

POWER Engineers provided Independent Engineering services to evaluate the repowering and expansion of an existing wind farm in California, which will generate up to 500 MW. The projects utilize a wide variety of different wind turbines. By far the most prevalent is the NEG Micon (now Vestas) 700 to 900 kW turbines, which represent approximately 50% of the overall nameplate capacity. These are fixed blade pitch turbines which have demonstrated strong reliability in the wind industry. The Vestas V39 or V47 turbines represent approximately 25% of the total capacity, but use a variable blade pitch design that is more complex than other turbines from the same era. Fortunately, their wide use and installation throughout the United States a decade ago guarantees a steady supply of spare and replacement parts.

Fixed pitch turbines from Nordtank, Micon and Vestas are approximately 10% of the overall capacity. These turbines are now approximately 20 years old and are only 65 kW to 108 kW, but there are plans to replace most of these units in the next few years. They will likely be replaced with Vestas V90s, new 3 MW turbines that currently make up only 6% of the overall capacity. Other turbines include Mitsubishi 600 kW turbines that make up approximately 5% of the overall capacity; and Zond 750 and Vestas V66 turbines, which make up slightly less than 4% of overall capacity. Most of the turbines are constructed on tubular steel towers, but there are some lattice steel towers as well.