Refrigerated and Frozen
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Highlighted Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Process and Packaging Design Projects:

Production of refrigerated and frozen foods typically involves a wide array of ingredients, individually processed, and then combined into a sum that’s greater than its unique parts. For a successful design team, that means you need an in-depth knowledge of the various applications required to process the ingredients, the skill and experience to bring them together efficiently with minimal waste, and the know-how to support a wide range of packaging types (trays, resealable pouches, DOY bags, cardboard sleeves, etc.). Our team brings the depth of experience and creativity needed to help you achieve an optimized line that delivers a top-shelf product.

POWER’s process and packaging experience for refrigerated and frozen food clients includes:

Major Plant Consolidation and Frozen Vegetable Line Relocation
Pizza Line Upgrade to Support Product Reconfiguration
Greenfield French Fry and Preform Potato Processing Facility