White Papers

Radio System Design for Electric Utilities

By Dr. Harvey Lehpamer


More and more utilities are replacing and/or augmenting outdated communications infrastructure used for SCADA, protection, security, Internet access, etc., with new, owned and operated communications systems. To enable distribution automation and substation automation functionality, the required radio network may be a combination of different radio technologies and/or microwave point-to-point systems.

Radio systems are probably one of the least understood areas of telecommunications in the utility industry, so this paper will serve as a good overview for anyone that is, or may be involved in radio network build-out.

Radio applications, radio propagation studies, radio and antenna mounting options and requirements, and managing radio projects will be discussed together with a brief description of a few real-life projects and lessons learned.

This paper was presented as part of the Power and Energy Automation Conference 2016 (PEAC).

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